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Wet Hopper

Wet Hopper

Harvest types

Our wet hopper can be used for many applications. It is normally used as a pre-soaking tank before to send your produces in your washing line. It can receive dirty, semi-dirty or clean produces. Our wet hopper has an air pump that create water movement, so the dirt is removed from your fruits/vegetables.



– Stainless steel construction.

– Double gooseneck exit elevator (model may vary).

– Legs can be adjustable.

– Custom dimensions according to your needs.

– Removable bottom conveyor (for model with).

– Plastic chain with gears or waterproof cleated web.

– Access door for easy cleaning.

– 5 HP air pump to create water movement.

– Internal panels easy to remove.

– Aluminum gearbox (food-grade oil) directly mounted on driveshaft, no mechanics to adjust.

– Stainless steel bearings (in the water).

– NTN triple seal steel bearings (out of the water).

– Ready to receive water recycling pump.



– Water recycling pump with plumbing.

– Filling electric valve.

– Water level sensor.

– Control panel.

– Waste valve connection to your drain.

– Surface water jets (adjustable height, require external water supply).

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