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Roller inspection table

Roller inspection table

Harvest types

Our roller inspection table allows your operators to manually inspect your fruits/vegetables. Friction between rotating rollers and produces make them rotate so it is easy to inspect them from all angles.


Specifications :

– Painted mild steel or stainless steel construction.

– Stainless steel contact points.

– Custom dimensions.

– Rollers number according to your needs.

– Adjustable legs.

– ø2-7/8″ white PVC rollers (other dimensions and blue color in option).

– Aluminum gearbox (food-grade oil) directly mounted on driveshaft, no mechanics to adjust.

– Adjustable speed.

– Safeguarding according to standard CSA Z432-04.


Options :

– ø2-7/8″ blue PVC rollers.

– ø2-3/8″ blue PVC rollers.

– ø2-3/8″ white PVC rollers.

– Central separator for waste.

– Waste slab.

– Catwalk and stairs.

– Recuperation pan under the table.

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