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Compact rock separator

Compact rock separator

Harvest types

Our compact rock separator removes rocks and clods of your vegetables to avoid damages of your produces and your equipment further in your washing/packing line.



– Capacity up to lb/h for 2460 model & up to 90 000 lb./h for 3790 model.

– Bruise free

– Painted mild steel or stainless steel construction.

– Unloading at left or right.

– Propeller pump with 5 hp washdown motor .

– NTN triple seal steel bearing (out of water).

– NTN, RHP or AMI stainless steel bearings (in water).

– 2 doors for an easy access to mechanics.

– Quick access door to the propeller.

– Web rock elevator to exit the rocks.


Produces elevator:

– 2 hp motor with gearbox (food grade oil)

– Web supported by slides and sealed casters.

– Hydro belt, waterproof (28 mm pitch).

– Net width inside stainless steel side plates: 24″ for 2460 model and 37’’ for 3790 model.

– Rock trap included with web.


Control panel:

– Power: 230v 1ph, 230v 3ph, 460v 3ph or 575v 3ph.

– Tactile screen.

– Automatic operating mode.



– Web pitch: 32 mm or 36 mm.

– Floor frame with 5 adjustable legs.

– Longer produces elevator.

– Splash-proof entrance slab.

– Pneumatic drain valve.

– Clean water supply electric valve.

– Water level sensor.

– Industrial pump Gorman-Rupp.

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