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Polisher floor frame

Polisher floor frame

Harvest types

Our polisher floor frame is designed to fit with Wyma WP2412-V2B or WP3014-V2B. This floor frame is used to put your polisher at the desired height, and we offer other options according to your needs.


Specifications :

– Painted mild steel or stainless steel construction

– 4″x4″ or 6″x6″ tubing construction according to your needs.

– Up to 6’ height (4″x4″ tubing) and up to 10’ (tube 6″x6″)

– Legs can be fixed or adjustable


Options :

– Tilt system (air bag) to adjust polisher angle.

– Water recycling pan (filter and rotative brush at the exit available).

– Rinsing jets for water recycling pan.

– Water deflector (2 or 4) fixed under the polisher to deflect water in the water recycling pan.

– Side screen to prevent water splashing.

– Entry slab with water jets.

– Exit swivel slab.

– Filtering conveyor to filter used water under the polisher.

– Water recirculation box to recycle used water.

– Clean water plumbing (to control brushes clean water).

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