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Harvest types

Our hoppers are the perfect solution to stock your fruits/vegetables and to automatically move them where you want in your packing line. Our hoppers are made with the capacity and the sizes you need. Your hopper normally comes with a filling conveyor or/and fall breaker, depending on your hopper size.


Specifications :

Hopper :

– Capacity and dimensions according to your needs

– Painted mild steel or stainless steel construction

– Complete bolted assembly

– Adjustable legs


Convoyeur de fond :

– Painted mild steel or stainless steel offset folds.

– Rubber belt

– 2″ idlers on bearings (noiseless, aluminum or steel)

– Guide system at the return

– Aluminum gearbox (food-grade oil) directly mounted on driveshaft, no mechanics to adjust.

– Steel or stainless steel bearing (high quality)

– NTN triple seal bearings

– Crown pulleys with take-up at both ends

– Safeguarding according to standard CSA Z432-04.



Options :

– Ventilation (include fan and piping)

– Exit slabs on pivot, actuated by pneumatic cylinder

– Lexan window(s), to see the level

– Sensor to detect if the hopper is full

– Filling conveyor(s) actuated with hydraulic cylinder(s)to minimize produces fall (require hydraulic unit)

– Filling conveyor with spring diverter (combined with fall breaker)

– Fall breaker (for smooth tumble of your produces in the hopper)

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