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Harvest types

Evenflow is a good solution to accumulate and convert an inconstant flow in a constant flow at a specific location in your packing line. This equipment has a motor that automatically controls the up/down motion while another one controls the belt rotation.



– 750 lb. capacity.

– Painted mild steel or stainless steel frame.

– Stainless steel offset folds.

– UHMW or stainless steel contact points.

– Endless blue urethane belt with internal V-guide.

– NTN triple seal steel bearings.

– 2 HP motor to power the belt.

– 3/4 motor for up/down conveyor motion.

– Direct drive mounted shaft gearbox.

– A sensor controls up/down motion to minimize the fall height of your produces.

– Motors can be at left or right.

– Safeguarding according to standard CSA Z432-04.

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