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Electronic bagger

Electronic bagger

Harvest types

Our electronic bagger allows you to automatically pack your fruits/vegetables in 5 to 50 lb. format. Easy to operate and to move, our bagger can be single or double head.


Specifications :

– Painted mild steel or stainless steel construction.

– Single or double head

– Vulcanized rubber belts, one is 12″ wide and one 4″ wide finishing belt

– Custom cleats height and pitch

– Foot pedal or hand switch operation

– Direct drive shaft mounted gearbox

– Triple seal NTN bearings

– Frequency drive 115v or 230v (1 or 3 phase(s)).

– 3 load cells for weighing accuracy and load balancing.

– For potatoes, carrots, onions and turnips.

– 5 to 50 lbs weights

– Flaps are closed with retaining springs for quieter pneumatic operation.


Option(s) :

– 6″ wide finishing belt

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