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Harvest types

Our carousel is combined with to your weigher to ensure an efficient and rapid packaging of your fruits/vegetables. This equipment is very flexible and can be used with a wide range of produces and bags.


Specifications :

– High capacity (paper, mesh, poly and others).

– From 3 to 50 lb. (paper bags).

– Capacity up to 40 bags/min. according to the product size.

– Stainless steel or fiberglass contact points.

– Stainless steel curved jaws that can be released manually or automatically.

– Fiberglass top with vibrator (any color available).

– No bag/no drop.

– User friendly touch screen display.

– Voltage: 230v 1ph.

– In and out control signal.

– Motor with frequency drive 230 VAC.

– Compatible with any brand of weigher.

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