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Chevron belt elevator

Chevron belt elevator

Harvest types

Our chevron belt elevator offers a large capacity for your fruits/vegetables transport. This elevator is frictionless, so it minimizes the produces damage.  Easy to operate and maintenance free, our elevators are easy to customize due to their bolted assembly.



– Painted mild steel or stainless steel construction.

– Gooseneck at the exit to minimize the fall height.

– Maximum angle: 25°

– Custom dimensions according to your needs.

– Rubber belt (1″ V-shaped cleats).

– Bolted legs (height and angle are adjustable).

– Complete bolted assembly (easy to customize).

– Aluminum gearbox (food-grade oil) directly mounted on driveshaft, no mechanics to adjust.

– Steel or stainless steel bearings (high quality).

– Crown pulleys with take-ups at both ends.

– Idlers with sealed bearings (noiseless), mounted in ‘’V’’ to maximize capacity.

– Safeguarding according to standard CSA Z432-04.

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